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Additives   Foundry / Casting   Pipeline Consultancy  
Aerial Surveys   Fuel and/or Solvent Importer   Pipelines  
Air Support   Gas   Process Plants  
Anticorrosive Coating   Gases   Re-refining  
Architecture   Geology , Geophysics and Geochemistry   Representative  
Automation/Instrumentation   Geoprocessing   Reservoir Evaluation  
Banks   GIS Mapping   ROV  
Boiler makers   Heat Treatment of Equipment and Piping   Safety  
Business Consultancy   Immigration consulting   Seismic  
Calibration   Impermeability   Ship Brokering  
Catering   Industrial Cleaning   Shipyards  
Civil Construction   Industrial Climbing   Special Services  
Classifiers and Certifiers   Industrial Erection   Specialized Transports  
Commission   Information Technology   Steel Structures  
Construction and Assembly of Jackets   Inspection/Supervision   Structural Analysis  
Construction and Assembly of Onshore Pipelines   Insurance   Surface Treatment  
Construction and Assembly of Platform Decks   Legal Assistance   Technical Assistance  
Construction and Assembly of Platform Modules   Logistics   Telecommunication  
Construction and Assembly of Subsea Pipelines   Lubrication   Thermal Insulation  
Consultancy   Machining   TI Consultancy  
Control and Measurement   Maintenance   Trading  
Corporate Communications   Marine   Translation  
Dip   Marine Consultancy   Transportation of Heavy Loads  
Drilling   Marine Support   Treatment and Destination of Industrial Residues  
E&P Consultancy   Maritime Transportation   Water and Effluents Treatment  
Energy Consultancy   Natural Gas and NGV Consultancy   Welding  
Engineering   Naval Repairs   Well Completion  
Engineering Design   Offshore Platform Operations/Offshore Drilling Rig/Onshore Drilling Unit   Well Evaluation  
Environment   Offshore/Naval Construction   Work Visas for Foreigners  
Equipment Rental   Outsource of Labor   Workover  
Fire Fighting   Pipe Laying and Instalation  
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